Danish Modern Furniture–Where to Find It For Free

There are probably very few furniture styles that have been as popular over the years as Danish modern. Whether it is called contemporary or modern or European, it remains with the same distinctive clean, simplistic lines.

Although Danish modern has not diminished in popularity over the years, other styles have emerged, some even being very similar a style. When it comes to finding Danish Modern furniture, however, it can sometimes be a trick. Interestingly enough, there’s a good chance that you will find more Danish modern furniture for free than you can in many stores in different areas of the country.

Finding Danish Modern furniture for free can be relatively easy if you know where to look. There are stores, of course, that specialize in this style. These can be found across the country. As a result, there are those who often want to get rid of all or specific pieces of what they already own in order to make room for what they want to buy. Of course, the salespeople in their stores know who their customers are and want to help, especially when the only thing that is holding them back from buying new furniture is getting rid of the old stuff. As a result, leaving your contact information with someone at a store could result in a call when such a customer makes their desires known.

Another good source of getting Danish modern furniture without charge are decorators. Again, this kind of arrangement might result in a lengthy wait for what you are looking for, but the money you save might be well worth the extra effort. Designers re often hired by clients whose only concern is gaining a new look without giving much if any thought to what will happen to the furniture they already own. Similar to those above, owners often can’t buy new furniture until they decide what to do with the old pieces them have, which sets the designer in a position to quickly dispose of what the client has so they can get started making money. If the furniture the client has is Danish modern, you might be an owner very quickly.

Thrift shops and consignment shops are also good places to look in your search for Danish modern furniture for free. Although it is true that these sources are in business to make money, the name of the game when trying to sell discounted goods is movement. After all, when a piece doesn’t sell it’s only taking the place of something that will. As a result, if a shop owner or manager can’t sell an item such as a piece of Danish modern furniture, he or she might be convinced to give it to you to get rid of it. It is true that the reason some of this can’t be sold is because of its less than best condition, but if you are handy with some simple tools, you might be able to acquire some furniture for the price of asking.

A final good source of Danish modern furniture for free is to make it yourself or repair what you find. Fortunately, the natural simplicity of this type of furniture will often make it easy to repair and return it to near new condition, just what you have wanted from the very beginning.